Monday, August 24, 2009

If It's Broken Fix It

Well, I'm back at college, and I have a new rant.

Do colleges intend to be this unhelpful, or does it just happen naturally?
I know that there are a lot of students, and I'm sure that the colleges try to help but at the moment it just doesn't seem to be working. Students from close by seem to do alright, but anyone who lives to far away to visit the campus prior to their freshman year is practically on their own.
For example I was about to go hand in my room check-in forms when I noticed this really cute blond guy standing in the middle of the lobby staring at a piece of paper looking confused. It turns out that he was a Freshman from Russia, and the RA or PM who was supposed to help him check in really wasn't all that helpful. They're supposed to make sure that each student knows what to do regardless of how long it takes to explain the situation, but instead they handed him the forms and gave him the short form explanation, which he couldn't understand, and then left. The poor guy didn't know what to do, and if what he said was true most of the other freshman students from Russia didn't either.


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