Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Jessica" teaser!

So, guess what? Finally, after all this time, I'm going on vacation, YAY! I leave tomarrow for 3 days and will probably not have internet access, so, because of that, I decided I leave you with a few posts before I leave! :D

This first post is of a teaser (the first one on the new blog!) of one of my Works in Progress (WIP) I will call "Jessica". I whipped the first page of this baby up this afternoon after letting the idea for it fester in my mind for a few weeks and I'm pretty excited about it! Enjoy! Constructive criticism welcome! :D


What’s one way to put a perfect relationship in jeopardy? Keep a secret.
What’s one way to ensure the destruction of said relationship? Divulge that secret…

Kody, my boyfriend of almost one year, holds my hand as we walk home from the movies, his thumb tracing small circles into my skin, causing electrifying tingles to race up my spine at his touch.
It’s times like these that I love Kody the most; we’ve been together forever, yet I’m still as gaga about him now as I was when we first started going out at the beginning of our sophomore year.
Even though tonight’s usual date activities have stayed the same-dinner and a movie-this particular date night holds a very special significance: Not only does tonight’s date mark the two week countdown to our one year anniversary, but it also marks the moment when everything about our relationship will change, when I’ll reveal everything to him, when I’ll risk it all and put my heart on the line-
And hope against hope that it doesn’t get broken in the process.

Ever since Kody picked me up earlier tonight, I’ve had to force myself to act like everything’s normal; like tonight is just like any other night, and that nothing is wrong.
Unfortunately, I’m a horrible actress.
I’ve been tense and jittery all night, jumping whenever Kody touches or talks to me, when normally I can’t seem to get enough of him.
Tonight is different.

Periodically throughout the night, Kody has felt the need to ask if I’m alright. First at dinner at Pizza Palace, when he kept touching my arm and shooting me worried glances when he thought I wasn’t looking, and then later on in the theater when he kept asking me if I needed anything from the concession stand every five minutes.
Don’t get me wrong, I know he means well, and love him for being concerned about me, but his anxiety is making it that much harder for me to find the right time to tell him what I’ve agonized over telling him for months.
I don’t know if it’s due to being outside or to the way Kody is holding my hand and not talking, finally giving me some time to organize my scattered thoughts, but I suddenly feel calmer and more relaxed then I have all night, which is why I don’t flinch at Kody’s touch, my confidence returning.
“Hey, thanks for tonight,” I say, looking up at him as we walk, “I had a great time.”
“You’re welcome and I’m glad, but are you sure everything’s OK? You’ve been acting weird all night,” he says, the worry still evident in his voice and in his blue eyes as he looks back at me.
A burst of air escapes my lips in a heavy sigh, a puff of smoke forming in the air. “Nothing’s wrong, I just…I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.” I look away as I say this, afraid that he’ll be able to see the lie in my eyes.

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