Friday, August 7, 2009

Sick and tired

Okay here's my rant for the week:

Why is it that people get sick at the worst possible times?

It's like the little buggers know that something exciting is about to happen so they start an epidemic! A few weeks ago my best friend, his wife, and their 1 month old son (my nephew) decided that they would come down for a visit this weekend. Great, right? Wrong. Not only did they alert us they alerted all of the diseases in the vicinity, and few days later half the town is sick. His family tried to ward it off by drinking a mixture of chicken broth, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce, and they thought it was working. But then a week before they were coming down his grandfather got sick and after that their whole family started dropping like flies. Apparntly the chicken broth, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce mixture wards off everything BUT colds. Then a few days later I get sick, and now the closest I can get to my nephew, whom I've never met before, is talking to him on the phone. Let me tell you 1 month old babies are not designed to talk on phones.

Now a question for the room: can anyone else tell how bitter I am, or am I being too suble?
For the record not only am I very bitter, but I'm also starting annoyed at the people keep trying to shove chicken broth, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce mixture down my throat. It doesn't work for this people! So quit trying to make me drink it!


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