Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday 5

1) I'm joining a "Mystery Reader/Writer Retreat" that starts on September 11th! And The best part? It's local, yay! :D <3

2) It's Offfical, I've taken a leaf out of Lisa and Laura Roeker's book and become... *Drumroll, please* an Idea Whore. I can't help it-I'm addicted to SNI's! :P

3) I didn't finish my homwork for the week yet, so...tomarrow is the day to tackle the rest of it, yippee! Blah.

4) I'm really starting to love using Dragon Naturally Speaking now, it'll be sooo much faster to use when writing my book then typing will be! (If I ever get around to just sticking with one idea, that is. Ha-when pigs fly!)

5) I'm in love- with "Veronica Mars". That show is the BOMB! I watched four episodes in a row today and am DYING for the next disc to get here from Netflix! Veronica is kick ass, the sexual tensoion is sizzeling and I REALLY hope I'll get to see Veronica's ex-boyfriend Duncan without his shirt on SOON, OMG-!(Oh, uh, did I just say that outloud? Shame on me! :P


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