Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday Five (a few days late)

1. This week I learned a very important lesson: whenever I find out that I'm going to have to speak publicly I should always figure out what I'm going to say well in advance. Apparently if I don't I take one look at the cute boys in the audience and choke.

2. Apparently my "brothers" aren't the only people who I remind of a mother. This is something that they are very happy about since I can no longer brush it off by saying that they are crazy. All I can say is it must have something to do with my personality since I don't look anything like June Cleaver.

3. I'm president of my college's Club of Education, and evidently someone forgot to let me know me that there was even a remote possibility that my first official act as president would consist of me desperately trying convince my vice president that using the club to launch a revolt against the college was not the best idea.

4. When people see a door they automatically assume that if there are people in the room on the other side of the door then the door is unlocked. This isn't always the case.

5. You can learn some amazing things when you have to go to Club Council meetings. For example the college that I go to has a circus club called "Flight Crew" where you can learn how to do all different types of aerial acrobatics. I think that this is great since a) I love the circus and b) I'm writing a story about the circus and now I can get new material whenever the club practices.


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