Sunday, January 24, 2010

Focusing, Finishing and My Deal With the Universe!

I've been thinking a lot about where I am with my writing and the conclusion that I've come to is...

Uh, nowhere.

Sure, I've got an idea (a modernization of Hansel and Gretel, tentatively titled Devour) and I've got some things written (one page of the beginning plus a random scene) but one thing I'm missing is focus. I've always had trouble with that in almost everything that I do, whether it's homework, reading, writing, heck, even eating! But now I've realized that in order to finish what I've started, I've got to learn focus! How do I do this? Well, in the past I've made calenders, vowed to write everyday, I've even threatened myself with no reading time if I don't write! But those have never been all that effective in helping me achieve what I want to achieve. So, I got to thinking, what's one thing that a lot of writers have been doing to motivate themselves? By making...dun, dun, DUUUNNN!!! A Deal With the Universe!

Now, I've never actually figured out for sure what this means, but I'm pretty sure (and correct me if I'm wrong), it means that if the Universe helps that writer land a book deal, score an agent or any big thing like that, then that writer will thank the universe in some form or another, whether it be funny, embarrassing, or just plan awesome. Now, seeing as how I'm not at any of those big stages in the publishing process at the moment and I'm still in the rough draft stage of writing my book, I decided, in order to gain focus and to finally finish what I started, that it would be a good (or slightly insane, depending on how you wanna look at it) idea if I made my very own...Deal With the Universe!

Now, this is where you guys come in! I'm leaving it up to you to help me decide what my Deal With the Universe should be if I don't (and even if I do!) finish writing the first draft of Devour by Midnight on March 23rd, (aka my 21st birthday)! Now, comment away! (and try not to be too cruel with your suggestions, lol!)


P.S. Suddenly I'm afraid, very, very afraid...
P.P.S. I thought I needed just another little push in the right direction, so I thought I'd share this gem to get me (and maybe even you), inspired:


elizabeth mueller said...

LOL, Ella! You are so cute, love it!
What I think you should do if you DON'T live up to your goal? Uh...I think you should find an aspiring author and help him/her go where you want to go.

This is how I find my focus: I get on my knees and pray for inspiration, to be able to "slip into the characters' heads" so I can feel, taste and touch everything they do... Most importantly--the kids must be either in bed, quiet time or at school. It is so VERY hard for me to focus with lil ones underfoot! Yikes!

elizabeth mueller said...

PS--here is what Frankie did on a dare she had made with someone. I think it's cute! Maybe you should put yourself up to that as well, acting out a scene from your WIP and posting it?

Let me know what you think!
Here is the link:

The Blogger Girlz said...

I'm not as nice as Elizabeth, so here's what I think you should do.

If you DO complete your deal I think that you should tattoo the name of your manuscript on your ankle, and if you DON'T complete your deal I think that you should cut your hair short, and by short I mean shorter than mine, which is pretty dang short.

Sorry, I just think that breaking the deal should have tangible consequences. I mean if it doesn't what good is it as a motivator?


The Blogger Girlz said...

LOL! Awesome ideas, guys! Keep 'em coming, people!

Elizabeth, I saw Frankie's video and I could never act in front of a camera, I have really bad stage fright! That is a good idea though, maybe I could finally conquor it! :P

And Aaron...I love the tatoo idea, but the haircut idea...I just don't know, I'm still trying to heal from the wounds that I endured from being called a boy all through elementary school... BUT, you do have a good point! Finishing the rough draft on time will keep me from having to go through with your second option, a definate motivator! You really DO know how to motivate/scare me really well all at the same time, don't you? :P


The Blogger Girlz said...

It's a talent that's taken me years to prefect.


Linda Glaz said...

The REAL deal is with yourself. I waited until I was 42 to seriously start writing, another 15 years to learn the craft and am just now getting my work out there-almost 60 years old. Make the deal with yourself before your drooling in a nursing home saying "Where did the time go?"
If THAT didn't depress you enough to start writing, nothing will...

Melissa said...

hahaha I love this...I feel like I should do this, too. Did you know there's actually a site where you can sign up to write, and if you don't do the right amount that you said you would, it starts deleting itself? Now that's masochistic. But, in the spirit of ideas, I think if you don't finish it, you should forbid yourself to date for one year. At all. :)