Monday, January 4, 2010

WANTED: Critique Group Members!

So, fellow Blogger Girl Aaron and I have been talking and we came up with a (hopefully) brilliant idea: to start our own critique group! Now, her and I are great friends and we've been critiquing each other's writing for a while now, but now we're in the mood for some fresh pairs of eyes to help us out, and that's where you guys come in! I've heard several writers say how invaluable having a critique group can be, because not only does having a group give you a chance to get a new perspective on your writing, but it also helps you form bonds with other writers and close frindships that can last a lifetime! :)

Some traits we are looking for in a potential critique group member are:

1) Write young adult fiction

2) Are willing to offer honest, constructive criticism/critiques on each other's writing

3) Celebrate when things go well, console when they don't

If you're interested in joining our group, leave a comment or e-mail us at:

We're looking for 2-3 more members to join us. We look forward to hearing from you! :)



Catherine Denton said...

Sounds fun but I write Middle Grade fiction not YA. Wish you well!

Jessica said...

I hope you find some people to join! A good crit group is priceless. ;)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This is a great way to find writers who fit you. I just mentioned it in passing one day on my blog, and by the end of the day my crit group was happily established. :-)

Good luck!

Diana Paz said...

I agree with everyone's comments so far, and I found my Wendy and Gwoe this way... you might want to offer an exchange of a single no-strings-attached chapter first, just to make sure you jive (writing/critiquing style). Even within YA, there are so many genres, and critique partners need to be the right fit :)

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

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