Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday 5

1. I finally got to see Eclipse on Wednesday!!! It was AMAZING!! The best so far! The acting has improved a ton, the music was more front and center this time around and the romance...OMG, I needed to fan myself while sitting in the theater! :P So overall, it rocked and now I cannot WAIT to see Breaking Dawn!!! (Members of Team Jacob? You'll LOVE Eclipse and go extra gaga for Jacob if you aren't already!!!! :D <3 *swoon*

2. I just watched Remember Me about an hour ago and really enjoyed it!! Robert Pattinson is sooo much hotter alive then dead!! :P

3. Sooo...there is now exactly a month until WriteOnCon and my idea (along with my inspiration) well has chosen now, of all times, to dry up! Any advice or suggestions on how to fix this??

4. Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to a friend's wedding...outdoors. Man I hope the weather decides to cooperate and get nice!

5. Glee rocks my socks! Random, I know, but I just thought I'd throw that out there, plus, I'm suffering Good T.V. withdrawal :P


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Anissa said...

WriteOnCon is going to be EPIC! I've hit the wall in my revisions as well. So if you find a solution, please share. :)