Monday, October 18, 2010

Attention, Attention Please

In honor of the month of October our critique group The Ink Slingers are holding two special events over on our blog. This first is going to be a spooky Round Robin story and the second is going to be (dramatic pause) a contest.

Round Robin: Starting on 10/18 we will be doing a crazy, scary, spooky round robin story on The Ink Slingers. On Monday Emery will be starting our story, and then each day after that for the rest of the week the person posting that day will continue the story by posting 250 words. Yes, I know this sounds exciting for us but pretty boring for you. But have no fear, we would never dream of leaving you out. Anyone who follows our blog can join the circle by posting a continuation of the story in the comment box. Then on Saturday 10/23 we’ll go through, assemble all of the pieces of the story into one continuous story, which we will then post in all of its uninterrupted glory on our group blog.

Contest: Every day from 10/25-10/29 one of the members of our critique group will post a question on our blog. If you post a/the correct answer to that question in the comment box you will be entered for a chance to win a critique from the person who’s question you answered. Then at the end of the week we will randomly select (as in random number generator random) one person out of all of the people who submitted an answer throughout the week to win a critique from not one of us but all five of us.


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