Friday, December 31, 2010

What Do YOU Want to See On TBG in 2011? And...THANK YOU!

The new year is almost upon us, so I thought that since, with each new year comes a new beginning, (at least, I like to hope so!) that it was time to ask: What do YOU, dear readers, want to see on The Blogger Girlz in 2011? It can be anything: writing/picture prompts, contests, more about us as writers and/or college students, anything! Be creative and have fun with your choices! 'Cause unfortunately, we can't always come up with blog posts of genius all the time, we go through dry spells just like any other blogger (shocker, I know)! So if you could help us out and make our blogging dry spells a lot less frequent in 2011, we'd greatly appreciate it!

And by the way, thank you all for making 2010 such a kick ass year for Aaron and I! We love every old and new follower, every comment (even if we don't always reply, we read them all and get a little more giddy each time, trust me!) every ounce of encouragement, humor, hope, and most of all, support. Thank you for turning our little blog, that started out as just a tiny kernel of an idea and as a way for us to rant and rave about writing and life and whatever else we can think of, into a support system, a place full of like-minded souls (all 121 of you, holy moly!), who see the methods to our madness and still want to stick around to see what happens next, we couldn't do it without you! :)

Have a safe and happy new year, 2011, here we come! We love you all!


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