Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Than Just a Pickup Line

Zodiac sign…

Those words stopped me dead. How was I supposed to know? I’d only thought about how old my characters where not when they exactly they’d been born.

So I just picked a day to turn into Jennifer’s birthday. June 6 1991. June 6 was the first time I’d ever aired up a tire, and 1991 was the year she’d need to be born in order to be 21 in 2012.

As soon as I solved that problem another one popped up. Other than Gemini (my sign) I didn’t even know the signs of the Zodiac, but thankfully June 6 still fell inside the realm of Gemini. At least I knew her sign. The only problem was I know Jennifer well enough to know she isn’t a Gemini.

On the move? Yes (but would prefer not to be)
Curious? No
Mischievous? No
Talkative? No
Mysterious? Yes
Game playing? No
Adventurous? Not really

2 out of 7? Yeah, no. Clearly June 6 wasn’t Jennifer’s birthday, but I thought about just leaving it that way to save myself time. She’s a fictional character. Does it actually matter if her birthday suits her or not?

Apparently it does to me because the next thing I know I’ve googled the signs of the zodiac and am up to my armpits in the characteristics of each sign. Gemini was clearly out, and soon Ares, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Libra were out as well. That left me with six choices, all of which seemed like good options. Then I read Pisces over again and I knew for sure Jennifer’s birthday was somewhere between February 19 and March 20. How could it not be, the description fit her to a T.

Mysterious? Yes
Saint? Yes
Sinner? Yes
Unusual living conditions? Yes
Emotions get them into trouble? Yes
Guiding light? Yes
Depressed? Yes

7 out of 7, so I swapped the June for March but kept the 6th and 1991. Now it feels like Jennifer has a birthday that we can both live with.

- Aaron


Bethany Robison said...

What source were you using to define the characteristics of the signs? I'm a sagittarius, and basically all I know about that is I'm supposed to be a "leap before you look" warrior kinda gal... probably pretty accurate...

Bethany Robison said...

Ha, here we go - Sagittarius:
* Optimistic and freedom-loving
* Jovial and good-humored
* Honest and straightforward
* Intellectual and philosophical

(at this point, I'd want to be friends with me...)

* Blindly optimistic and careless
* Irresponsible and superficial
* Tactless and restless

Hmmm... I really wish I could refute ANY of those... And I think several of my characters are Sagittariuses, too...