Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Thing For Odd Couples

When it comes to fictional couples I’m a sucker for a good odd couple, but not of the stereotypical uptight/ loose variety. I prefer something like…

Hannah, Norman, and Mike from the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series: I love how dynamic this relationship is. Hannah is a modern woman who owns and runs her own business and has two boyfriends, neither of whom she sleeps with. Mike is a buff detective who chooses to get his sex from other sources and thinks it’s cute when Hannah “plays detective.” Norman is a balding dentist who is by Hannah’s side though all of her crime solving escapades and built their dream home in hopes that she’d marry him and they could live there together. If there weren’t three of them they would make the perfect couple.

Agnes and Shane from Agnes and the Hitman: A cook and a hitman should be the ultimate odd couple, but they really aren’t. Shane is a government hitman who spent his childhood in military schools after his parents died, and Agnes is a food columnist with abandonment issues and a penchant for hitting men with frying pans.

Emily Pollifax and Jack Farrell from the Mrs. Pollifax Series: Since Mrs. Pollifax is about 20 years Farrell’s senior theirs isn’t a romantic relationship, but when it comes to these two spies when one of them gets into trouble the other isn’t far behind. Alternating between endearment and frustration they never cease to surprise each other.

John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape: They clashed from the moment they met, and even when they were getting along they drove each other crazy. They wanted to be together, but neither on of them wanted to be the one to admit it. They’d rather let the flip of a coin decide the fate of their relationship than actually admit that they want to be together.

Do you like unusual odd couples? Let me know in the comments.


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