Sunday, April 17, 2011

TBG Author Interview: Tamara Rose Blodgett

I would like to thank Blogger Girlz (Aaron specifically) for taking time to read my book and her gracious and professional conduct throughout, thank you~

Who was your target audience? I'd like to admit to a “real” business goal but never considered writing anything but Young Adult and had a loose idea of the thirteen to early twenties. In the end, the story predicated the age group.

Where did your seed idea for Death Whispers come from? One of my boys (I have four!) was complaining that there wasn't enough “boys books” that “read” like an actual boy thinks/talks/acts. In addition, they wanted to see more action and more, I started thinking (I do an embarrassing amount of day-dreaming), “What if the 'power tables' were turned and KIDS were the ones with the power? And ADULTS had put them in that position?”

I have never liked the idea/precept that just because a kid is younger they're automatically thought of as less smart. I hoped that I did kids justice in this novel. This is how I see them, savvy, sophisticated and responsive to challenges in innovative ways.( I threw in some clever girls that cause a few hiccups with the boys awesomeness!)

What is your favorite part of Death Whispers? When Caleb realized that making the right choice doesn't mean it will turn out well. There is a part in the book when he defends someone that is not his friend, and it still goes terribly wrong. But, instead of wallowing in the failed situation, he resolves to always persevere, regardless of circumstance.

·What was the hardest part of the book to write? The Science and Technology! I mean, what do I know? I had to do DNA research and other “bunny trail” stuff to make the novel “ring” true. There were details that needed to be ironed out before I could make the writing of them automatic...which is how the writing needs to be to flow right.

·Start to print how long did it take for you to complete Death Whispers? I began in February of 2010 and wrapped it up in November. Editing and revisions took me as long as the writing! I did not write solidly during that time frame. I would say it was about 3-4 months of writing and a solid three of editing. My future books will go faster as I have a schedule I stick with now and understand my personal processes better after having finished this novel. I am more streamlined about everything.

Did you ever think about giving up? Never. The book wouldn't let me go until it was finished. It interfered [with my head] during all kinds of inopportune moments! I was compelled to finish it.

In one sentence tell the reader everything they need to know about Death Whispers, GO! I love this question! Fourteen-year-old Caleb wants to survive his immediate teenage-dom with his friends, girlfriend and no messy mishaps with zombies bursting out of the ground to focus adult attention on his rare “talents...”

Interested in finding out more about Tamara and Death Whispers? Then you should visit her blog. Go on, off with you... now!


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