Sunday, July 10, 2011

ROW80: Check-In #2!

So, as much as I want to, I won't fib and say that I reached 1,000 words by today. As a matter of fact, I got nowhere close to that number. I've been feeling a lack of motivation and excitement to work on my story and that sucks. Big time. I want to be motivated and excited, but right now I'm just...not.

Hopefully the feeling will pass soon, but until then I've decided to enter a writing challenge called A Love That Overcomes: A Need So Beautiful Writing Challenge (judged by the fabulous YA author Suzanne Young!) and write a short story! That way, I can take my mind off my current story for a while but also keep writing at the same time, even if it's on a different project.

Overall, the rest of the week was kind of a bust, but at least I still have a goal to work toward for this week!

Happy writing!


Jeanette said...

Hi, Ella.

I understand the lack of motivation to write on something. Good idea to find something else to inspire you in the meantime. Best wishes on achieving your goals for this next week!

Sonia G Medeiros said...

I definitely get that "not so motivated" feeling. It stinks. I've been struggling with that recently. I made my ROW80 goals small so that I wouldn't freak my muse out. Turns out to have been a great strategy. I went past my goals and am feeling pretty revved up now. And, on days I have that "not so motivated" feeling, I can just stick to my little goal. :D

Anonymous said...

Lack of motivation has been a huge problem for me...for, like, the last year. I wish I had some great advice for you. Good luck on your goals this week!