Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Lips Are Not Sealed

First, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the great comments and questions you posted in reference to"Disconnect," my entry in the first campaign challenge. Reading your comments meant a lot to me, thank you all!

As I mentioned earlier in one of the comments, "Disconnect" is actually a modified exert from a short story I wrote this summer, "Awakening." I thought I could handle just posting the modified exert, but evidently I can't. It's weird knowing there's more to the story but leaving it out. It's kind of like the feeling I used to get as a little kid when I had a secret. Yeah, I'm not good with secrets (too much stress), so I decided to break my own policy about posting short stories and link the whole thing in case anyone wants to find out the real deal behind the story.

Anyway, if you want to find out what happens next please check out "Awakening," and if you don't then you should probably just ignore this post altogether (maybe I should have mentioned that part sooner because if you're reading this it probably came a little late).



Enid Wilson said...

Keeping secrets are difficult. That's why I try to avoid them. Happy writing!

Every Savage Can Reproduce

Laila Knight said...

Fellow dreamer and Fantasy writer, it's always a pleasure to meet a like-minded visionary. I found you at the Campaing. I am following you.

kineticwriting/juliet said...

I really enjoyed it! I'm going to check out "Awakening" in a few. Thanks for sharing!

I also wanted to let you know I've chosen you for The Versatile Blogger Award!!
If you decide to participate please go to my blog for details!
You have a wonderfully inspiring blog!
juliet :)
p,s, We're in the Write Campaign together.

Jessica Therrien said...

Hey! I've listed you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger award. You may have already received it, but.....Congrats! Details here: