Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some New Material

So, its been a long time since I posted any of my writing here on the blog. That's mostly because I haven't had anything that I thought was worthy of posting and also because I'm kind of terrified of putting my writing out there again. But on Saturday I wrote something that I actually enjoyed writing (I'm not even sure what it is-a poem? Short fiction? And I don't know why I wrote it like a poem, it just felt like the scenes had more impact if they were short and kind of choppy like a poem, you know?) and thought that it was worthy of sharing! This is different then the kind of stuff I usually write-hope you enjoy! :)


Its been two hours…
Two hours since I last saw my girlfriend, Maura, alive.
Two hours since we met under our favorite tree in the park.
Two hours since she fell asleep against my shoulder, nestling deeper inside my jacket.
Its been two hours since I awoke to find her cold, lifeless body slumped on the ground next to me, a dark halo of blood pooling around her.
Its been two hours since I discovered her blood on my hands, on my clothes.
On my soul.

I know at that moment, when I found her, I should’ve called for help: her parents, my parents, 911, anyone.
I should have.
But I didn’t.
Instead, I did all I could think of.
I gingerly lifted her body off the ground and carried her back to my car like she was made of glass and not flesh and bone.
I laid her gently across the back seat.
And drove to the cemetery.

I took the shovel I used to shovel snow out of my driveway with from my car and started to dig.
And two hours later, under the cover of dusk and a tempest sky…
I’ve dug a grave.
My love’s final resting place.
I know it sounds cruel, violent even.
But I panicked.
I can’t let anyone know that she's died…
And that I might be the one responsible.

Its been two hours…
And now my girlfriend’s dead.
And I think it’s because of me.



Brenna Braaten said...

Wow. I mean, really wow. I like this. The beginning seems so sad a sweet, like he's mourning her. Then, we find out she died in his arms and we're jolted by the fact that he doesn't call for help and is suddenly burying her. I felt disconnected, angry at him, even. But then, at the end, when he's remorseful, I want to know what happened and feel bad for him.

Please, I want to know more!

Nicole said...

Ooh, very nicely done! Lots of great conflicting emotions. I love the line about him carrying her like glass.

K.T. Hanna said...

I love this piece. I hadn't marked it as read yet in my Google Reader because I meant to come back and let you know how gorgeous the writing feels.
It's sad and poignant... and in a way chilling. Because he didn't do it, but someone did it because of him.