Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ROW80: Check-In #6!

Today was a great day!

A few minutes after writing my last check-in post on Monday I decided to browse on my Kindle to see if I could find any useful books on plotting and lo and behold...I found one! It's called PLOTTING SIMPLIFIED: STORY STRUCTURE TIPS FOR THE BREAK-OUT NOVELIST by Eddie Jones and I highly recommend it! It's short and sweet and I was able to read it all in one sitting and most importantly...I understood what it said! In a lot of other books that I've read that include information on plotting they're like an information overload, but after reading this book I just get it, you know? This is the first book where I've gone "Oh, so that's what plotting is and what it's all about!" It was a great feeling! Now, since reading the book I catch myself watching T.V. shows and movies with a fresh eye and thinking things like, "oh, look! There's the 'inciting incident'!" or "Uh-oh, hello 'dark moment'..."

After falling totally in love with this book I decided to take some serious notes and ended up spending all day (while neglecting school, food, personal hygiene :P) writing ten pages worth of notes to use during NaNo and beyond and soon I'm going to use what I've learned about plotting and apply it to my NaNoNovel!

So thanks Eddie Jones, thank you so much for schooling me in the area of plot while making the process short and sweet and easy enough for even me, Ms. Plotting Impaired, to understand! :)

Happy writing!

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Richard said...

It just seems like we can never learn enough.