Monday, October 3, 2011

ROW80 Round 4: Goals!

The final round of A Round of Words in 80 Days has begun! Now, as some of you may have noticed, I petered out about halfway through Round 3 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to another round, but I loved the camaraderie the participants shared, the twice a week updates, and especially the fact that this challenge is much longer then NaNo AND you can set (and change if need be) your own goals!

So, because of these reasons, here I am! Back again for another round! And now, without further ado, my goals!

*Write 1 page a day (or at least twice a week)
*Make writing a priority in my life again
*Reward myself when writing goals are met
*Try not to be so hard on myself when writing goals are not met, tomorrow is a new day!
*In the wise words of YA author Maureen Johnson, "Dare to suck!" Remind myself that it's ok NOT to be so perfect all the time
*Experiment in my writing, don't be afraid to try new things
*And, of course, don't forget to have FUN, duh! :P

I'm so glad to be back, happy goal setting!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back for another round. We all should enjoy writing more than we do. We try to be laser focused, which is more appropriate in final edits, but in initial writing, I just try to enjoy the flow. Great goals. I look forward to seeing how you do. ~clink~

NewToWritingGirl said...

Really good goals. Having fun - there's one we should all add ;-)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great goals! Good luck with them. I look forward to getting to know you in round 4 :)

Jamie B said...

I like this.... may have to take this challenge and use some of these goals myself. Thanks for sharing.