Monday, January 2, 2012

No Kiss Blogfest Entry

Her blood pounded and her hormones flared as he fingered her hand. “How soon do you get off?”

Her heat rose, cheeks flaring red in the dark. Blushing: must be a new slut. “Not for a couple hours…”

Sliding the clipboard silently onto the table, I turned my back on the spectacle. One hand on the wall for guidance I melted into the gloom, leaving the spectacle behind.

His scent surged toward me and my calves resonated with the vibrations of his pounding combat boots as he rushed to catch up.

“Hey!” Abram called, trailing after me. “Wait up!”

Arms crossed, I slowed as his uneven tread loomed closer.

Breathing heavily, he leaned on me a little as we walked, pushing back a wayward snake. “Why didn’t you wait?”

“I did. That was me waiting.” The words fell flat, as an awkward shiver crept down my spine. My hands curled into fists, waiting.

“So, Brice seemed nice…”

I shrugged, waiting for the other shoe. “Yeah, so?”

“So… it’s a nice town, and you’re their type… strong, intelligent, resilient… fertile.” The door in front of us boasted a little sign reading Coaches’ Office, and he paused in front of it. “You could stay if you wanted, build a good life for yourself. Have a family.”

“Really…” I paused checking the deserted hallway before brushing back my scarf, feeling the mass of snakes rise off the nap of my neck, free. “’Cause I kind of figured I was past that point.”

“Some things…” Leaning in, he ran a hand through my hair. So close I could feel his pulse, see the aura of heat floating into the air, smell the blood. Stepping close, he looked past the tinted lenses, into my eyes. Hooking a finger over the bridge and tugging them down he bore into my eyelids. “are worth the risk.”

The words were on my lips. His heat was mine. His pulse pounded into my bones, and his lips teased mine with phantom kisses. So close I could taste them… so close…

Too close. Flinching, feeling the heat, the pressure, the pulse pressing down suffocating me, I pulled back, pushing him away.

Hand groping at the door handle, I tumbled back as it sprung open. “I need a shower…”

- Aaron


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Oh this was a fun one! Thanks so much for participating and posting!

Amalia T. said...

Fascinating that "fertile" makes her the kind of person who would fit in there. Seems like an interesting world.

Christine Danek said...

Sounds interesting. *fanning myself* Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

In my experience things can get hotter in the shower than out of it. ;)

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

oooh nice. Very spicy and exciting. Good joB!

1000th.monkey said...

Okay, I TOTALLY misunderstood that first line of dialogue... in a, , slightly *steamier* connotation.

note to self: don't read when excessively tired...

...though then you kinda jumped back in that direction with the *fertile* line :P

...and yes, shower = good :)