Friday, July 5, 2013

My New Favorite Thing

Well, the plan was to post the MC sketches I've been toiling way at on Wednesday. The reality was after working my ass off all week I let my sketchbook in my car which I then loaned to a friend for the week. Hopefully my sketchbook is enjoying seeing the world, maybe it'll find inspiration on its camping trip.

Since old habits die hard my first reaction to my post going on vacation was to avoid Blogger Girlz like the plague, which worked really well for about a day, but halfway through the potato salad the guilt started to set in.

Thankfully, my current obsession got an update, before I developed a complex.

For the past year I've been pulling inspiration off Etsy. Although, the appropriate word is probably plagiarism, theft, or copyright infringement the result is the same, lots of pretty pictures all dressed up with no where to go. But now they do!

Etsy has added social media buttons (just like us!) and lists!!! And we all know how much I love lists, so now I can pin my favorite items straight to my story boards on Pintrest!

So, now both my sketch book and I are very happy campers.


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