Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted a good rant, so here it is:

Why is it that all men turn into asses around other men?
Really, why? Are they trying to impress the other man by being a total jackass? Do they think that by acting like an idiot they show the women that they are with that they are the better man? Or are they trying to demonstrate that they have their women under control?
I'm sure that they have some very logical reason for their behavior, but if it's trying to prove to women that they've got a set in my opinion they are failing miserably. All it proves is that they're a ignorant jack asses. Besides what good is it to get carried away with your hormones if the women you're with can still make a fool of you in front of all of your friends.
Has it ever occurred to men that if they quite trying to be dominate they might have much better luck with women. I mean lets face it most modern women don't want to be a subordinate. We've evolved socially, why can't they?


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