Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 5 OR: why my day is made of AWSOME!

1) OMG, I'm getting a galley copy (aka an unedited, un-bound copy) of the book "Legacy" by Cayla Kluver! Her publisist is so sweet! (Thanks, Mariella! :))! I officially <3 galley copies now!
2) My mom's birthday is tomarrow, so that means preasents, cake, and family! Awsome combo!
3)"Prophacy of the Sisters" by Michelle Zink comes out tomarrow! *SQUEE* I'm SO buying my copy as SOON as it becomes availible on Kindle tomarrow!
4) Kindle is made. of. awsomeness.
5) Luke on "American Dreams" is sooooo HAWT! Oh, how I wish he were REAL! *sobs*


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Steph Bowe said...

yay!! a galley!!

I remember earlier this year I got sent an advance copy of Pink by Lili Wilkinson, and it was really awesome because she's one of my favourite authors!!

did I send you those questions?