Sunday, August 9, 2009

"The Angel Experiment"

It all started with a smell.

Last night, (8/8/09, to be exact), as I was playing fetch with my dog in the alley in front of our house, I caught a whiff of a strange smell floating on the breeze. It was an unusual smell; it was sweet, like flowers, mixed with another scent that I couldn't quite place. Well, I was so intrigued by the stange smell that, (like most random things tend to do), it got the wheels in my writer's brain spinning.

And then, soon after I detected the strange scent in the air, I heard a strange noise coming from behind me, like rocks hitting against our wood fence (now, looking at this logically, the noise was probably caused by rocks being flung out of the Chuck-It I was using to throw the ball to my dog, but I like to look at things from a writer's perspective, it keeps things interesting :)), making me feel like I wasn't alone...

And then, (and this next part was totally the icing on the cake), these words floated to the front of my already overcrowed brain: I smelled him before I saw him.

And that was when I knew: I had to follow where the night's events were taking me: I had to write the story connected to the smells, the noise and the fateful first line.
I had to.

And so that, precisely, is what I intend to do.

Now normally, I title my new stories using the name of the main character, but in this case, since I haven't been able to come up with a proper name for my MC yet, I've decided to title the story using the name of the subject that I wish to explore: Angels.

And since this perticular project feels more like a fun experiment then a story, I've also decided to refere to it as such, therefore dubbing the title of this story "The Angel Experiment".

Crazy how things work out, huh? :P

Welcome to the world, SNI (Shiny New Idea), it's wonderful to have you here! :)

Stay tuned for updates!


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