Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday 5

I went and watched "Alians in the Attic" with my family, it was so cute and funny and definatly worth checking out! Anyway, onto this week's Friday 5! It's going to be a little different this time, cuz instead of listing random things that have happened this week, I'm going to list 5 things that happened on my vacation (which I returned from on Wednesday by the way, I've just been putting off writing a post about it until now!)

1) I (or rather, my younger sister) found an awesome piece of green sea glass on the beach and gave it to me!
2) We stopped off at a rest stop on the way home to use the bathroom and I had to go SO bad that I ran into one of the available bathrooms so fast it was like my butt was on fire, but only when I sat down, did I notice the small sign taped to the inside of the bathroom door above the handle: "Did you remember to lock the door?" and in my head I was like, "Shit, no", so I went as fast as I could and just as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom, the door bagan opening from the other side and this lady appeared and said "Oh!" in this surprised voice when she saw me, and promptly let the door swing closed again. Thank God I had my pants up by that time, is all I can say, THANK GOD. Then it could've just looked to her like I was blowing my nose or something instead of using the toilet (I hope so, anyway).
3) While my mom and I were playing fetch with my dog, she decided it would be a wonderful time to roll in dead fish, NOT cool!
4) The little girl whose house the dead fish was in front of helped us wash my dog down with dish soap and a hose from her house (thank you, little girl!) and then, as we were talking, we asked her how old she was and she said 12, then she asked how old I was and I said 20, then she said, "Oh, really? I thought you were like 13 or something". Nice, little girl, nice.
5) I had a total GGM ("Gilmore Girls" Moment) when my grandma (who we were staying with on vacation) and I were just sitting on the couch hanging out while everyone else was out doing other things and we were talking about all the cool antiques and things she has that were passed down to her from the family and she suddenly asked me, "so, what do you want?" and I was like, "huh?" and she said, "what things do you want of mine when I go to the great beyond?" And in my head I was like, "what the Hell?! She did NOT just ask me that!!" But in fact, she HAD! She actually whipped out this list of all the things she was willing to pass on to the family after she dies and told me about all of the things that had already gotten dibbs on and about which family member chose what and what was still available for the taking. Finding the whole thing more than a little bit morbid, it took me awhile to warm up to the idea of getting to choose what I wanted of hers after she died, feeling exactly like Rory had in the episode in "Gilmore Girls" when her Grandma stuck Post-Its on all the things she thought Rory would want of hers after she died. Thank God my experiance didn't come to that, but it felt damn near close to being exactly like that, when my Grandma whipped out that list of hers! Anyway, as time went by, I warmed up to the idea and eventually chose my Grandma's antique Jukebox and a big set of classic rock CDs. I feel a little wierd about it still, but she insisted! I know, creepy, right??!!


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