Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red Tide Woes

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know the following might be a little TMI, but I don't care, I'm cranky and I need chocolate-BAD.)

So, my whole day is pretty much ruined. Why, you ask? Well, I tell you: Presenting: THE TOP FIVE REASONS WHY MY DAY SUCKS

1) The Red Tide is in-'nough said.

2) Scholorships suck ass. Sure they give you financial stability and all that, but the filling out of said sccolorships is a BITCH.

3) My muse decided to take the day off. Oh, I came up with some pretty good ideas this morning, but now, everything seems to suck. I NEED some creativity in my life! Someone HELP!

4) No offense to those of you that are members, but some people on Absolute Write are WEIRD. Last night I went on there to try and find a writing partner and after I (accidently!) posted a new topic on the teen/college messege boards twice, pretty much the only responses I got were, "You posted your topic twice, now I don't believe that you mean what you say". Seriously! That's what someone said! How stupid is THAT?! I did get one response saying that they were interested in helping me, but I'm not so sure how they're going to work out, some of thier ideas were a little...out there

5) The sun is out, yet when I went to the backyard to try and soak up some much needed vitamin C, the sun hadn't made it to the backyard yet, only the front and so the grass in the back was soak and wet with dew or rain or something and I was barefoot and now my feet are so cold they're NUMB, seriously. Sun=FAIL!!!!!!!!

So, the moral of the story is, when your Red Tide or Aunt Flow or whatever you call it is in, stay away from all living things and bury your head under the covers, it's what I feel like doing. Just stay away. Far, FAR away.

Thank you,

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