Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something New

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I use writing as a release of sorts, and for the past year I've been working on a story called "Circo Di Mistero." Other than Ella I've never let anyone read what I write, but today I'm board so I thought that I'd give it a try. So here's the first page, and I hope that it doesn't suck (but feel free to let me know if it does):

“’Andy’s paralyzed… maybe for life,’ the Green Lantern muttered to himself as he soared through the sky.
‘Why did all this happen to me?’ he asked the sky around him as flew, and then he saw it… the sign. The one that he had rolled the car trying to avoid. The one that had been the start of all of his troubles.
‘The sign!’ he raged picking up speed, ‘The damned thing’s too close to the road! I crippled my best friend and endangered my brother’s like because of it! None of this was my fault… It… was… the… sign!’
‘And now I’ve go the power to do something about…’ and with that Hal Jordan, the mighty Green Lantern, slammed through the sign for Happy Times Motor Lodge with everything he had.
And the sign won,” I said quietly as I closed Trevor’s comic book and set it on the bedside table. Then I began the complex job of wriggling out from under my 8 year old youngest brother without either waking him up or accidently causing him to roll off of me and onto my other brother, Ian, who was asleep in the middle of the large bed.
After a few minutes I gave up trying to be subtle and simply swung my jeans clad legs over the edge of the bed and set up. Then after I got my arm under Trevor’s legs, which had followed mine over the edge of the bed, I stood up cradling him in my arms, which was a lot harder now than it had been 4 years ago.
Once I was up I bent over and carefully laid him back down on the bed and covered him up with a blanket.
As I straightened my younger sister Lori propped herself up on one elbow looking at me across our two sleeping brothers and asked in a whisper, “You’re going out?”
“Yeah, Max got a call right before the show, so we’re heading out when we hit the next marker,” I whispered back as I started maneuvering around the bed, being careful not to wake Trevor or Ian up.
“Can I come?” asked Lori sounding more like a child than a 15 year old.
“Not this time,” I replied trying to be patent, but some of my exasperation leaked into my voice, “but I should be back by the time you wake up,”
“That’s what mom used to say,” she said bitterly.
“Yeah, well I’m not mom,” I replied with more force than I intended.
This time she didn’t say anything when I tried to leave the room. When I reached the door I paused and said “Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
She didn’t say anything so I turned out the lights, and left the room.
I walked past the bathroom and through the kitchen and the living room. Once I reached the driver’s cab I slid into the passenger seat next to Tessa Cappadora, who was staring out at the road ahead of us as she drove.
“Perfect timing.” She said glancing over at me, “We’re almost to the marker. Are you ready?”
“Of course,” I said as I pulled my shoulder length dark brown hair back into a pony tail, securing it with a hair tie. I could already feel my blood starting to heat up.
“Good, Max is going to meet us there with the truck, and then we’ll all meet up in the morning.” Tessa told me as she started to slow the big RV down.
“Any idea what we’re doing tonight?” I asked as Tessa began to gently pull off to the side of the road.
“Max didn’t say, but it sounded like something big, so be careful,” she said as we slowed to a stop on the shoulder of the road and I reached out to open the passenger door.
“Don’t worry,” I replied with my hand on the door knob.
As I was about to open the door Tessa started to say something, but then she stopped and said “You’d better hurry Max will be here any second.”
With that I opened the door and stepped out into the night.



Lisa and Laura said...

Congratulations on putting your work out there for everyone to enjoy! I think sometimes coming out of the closet with our work is the hardest part. Can't wait to read more!

The Blogger Girlz said...

I second that! Congrats on plucking up the courage to post a scene, that takes guts! :D The scene is good and I definatly can't wait to read more either! One thing you want to watch out for though is spelling and grammer-if words are speled wrong it tends to distract the reader from the story. One thing I always try to do before I post teasers is read the whole thing out loud and run spell check a few times! That always seems to help me! :)

Good luck and great job!