Monday, December 21, 2009

Official Kissing Day: Part 1

There's been this big thing going around on all the blogs today called Official Kissing Day where you post a kissing scene from your WIP or your favorite kiss from a book, movie, or T.V. show. Well, for mine, I meant to post a snippet from my WIP and/or short story, but of course, I procrastinated, so instead I'm going to do this event in two parts: today I'm going to post videos of some of my favorite kiss scenes from a movie and a T.V. show. Tommorrow I'm (hopefully) going to post some of my writing for you all to enjoy! :D

Until then, for your viewing pleasure, here is one of my favorite kissing scenes from the kick ass T.V. show "Veronica Mars":

And here's the trailer for an amazing-looking movie called "Dear John":

Weren't those kiss scenes just the BEST? (Not to metion totally HAWT? :P) Happy Official Kissing Day, everyone! :D <3



Hayley said...

I'm going to see Dear John the day it comes out, it just looks so good, and Channing Tatum is...he just is. Great scenes by the way, can't wait to read a piece of your WIP.

Natalie said...

Ooo, lovely kissing scenes!

The Blogger Girlz said...

Hi Hayley!

I know, I'm just as excited about seeing Dear John as you are! Channing Tatum is yummy, totally :) And thanks, I'm glad you liked the scenes, it was so hard to choice just two! There are sooo many good kissing scenes out there! :) And thanks also for being excited about reading a piece of my WIP, I'm excited for you to read it too! I just posted a kissing scene of my own on the blog today, as a matter of fact, hope you like it! :)


The Blogger Girlz said...

Hi Natalie!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the kissing scenes! Like I said, it was so hard to choose just two! :P