Monday, February 15, 2010

Anti Valentines Day Blogfest

Okay, here's my disclaimer: I am not writing a romance, so my "lovers' quarrel" is a little bit closer to a knock down drag out fight than it is to a typical "lovers' quarrel." Then again I'm not what you might call a romantic so I'm just amazed that my book contained anything that even remotely qualified as a "lover's quarrel." Anyway, here it is I hope you enjoy it.


I still looked human as I stepped forward, but my humanity was gone. All that was left was the tiger. I could see Agent Mann’s face looming in front of me, and all I wanted was to kill him.
Tolya refused to let go of my hand, and my arm trailed behind me connecting me to him. When my arm went taut I pulled forward hard wrenching it free and kept going. Adam was still perched on my arm and he shrieked, his claws digging through my jacket and into my arm. Without stopping I shook my arm out to the side shaking Adam free and letting the jacket fall to the ground.
I was almost to Michael and Adriana when Tolya grabbed me from behind wrapping his powerful arms around my chest pinning my arms to my sides. I struggled against him fighting to get free. I had to get to Agent Mann. I had to kill him. If I didn’t my world would disappear.
“No!” I screamed it as I flung my head back cracking my skull into his jaw. He didn’t let go. I ground my foot into his, but he just squeezed tighter, lifting me up off the floor. I twisted my arms until I could feel his legs under them. Then I dug in ripping through them with my claws, but he still didn’t let go.
It wasn’t working. I dissolved. I roared as I thrashed against him just wanting to hurt him. I hissed and chomped my teeth waiting for the moment when I could sink them into him. My arms flailed around wildly as I tried to get my claws into him.
In the background I could hear Michael, “Stop fighting her! This is what she was made for!”
I knew that Tolya knew it was true, but he didn’t even loosen his grip, “Janice!”
Tolya! I don’t know if it was the sound of his voice or what, but for a second everything was clear. Why was I trying to hurt him?
I could feel the curse starting to close back in, but I clamped my mind down forcing myself to not to fight him, not to hurt him anymore.

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