Sunday, February 14, 2010

Woo-Hoo! The Anti Valentines Day Blogfest is here!!!

Happy Valentines Day, all! I hope yours was better then mine, my whole family (myself included) have been battling the flu, so today kinda sucked, but not entirely! My parents cooked french toast and sausage for breakfast and got each of my sisters and I a box of chocolate, so the day definitely wasn't all bad and then I remembered: Today is the first day of our Anti Valentines Day Blogfest! So of course, remembering that I got all excited and while I was surfing online earlier tonight I happened to come across an article entitled TV Break-ups: 10 Devastating TV Couple Splits! Perfect, right? :D So went to the list and picked my favorite two splits out of the ten just for this event! Enjoy!

Angel and Buffy, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
(Copied from the article): What if your boyfriend was a vampire, and it was your sworn duty to defend the world from him? Even worse, say you started dating him, and then learned that he was suffering from a gypsy curse than would cause him to turn evil if he ever experienced a moment of perfect happiness? That's the situation that Buffy Summers faces with her boyfriend Angel. After the two of them sleep together, Angel experiences a moment of perfect happiness, and turns evil. Then Buffy kills him. Then Angel returns to life. And then they break up again. The whole situation was left unresolved when Angel received his own spin-off show, and departed the 'Buffy' universe forever. But all in all, the high drama and pain of the Buffy-Angel relationship makes 'Twilight' look like, well, child's-play.

Kevin and Winnie, 'The Wonder Years'
(Copied from the article): For six years, Kevin Arnold was desperately in love with girl-next-door Winnie Cooper. The pair dated, then broke up. Then they fell in love again. But in the series finale, Kevin catches Winnie making out with an older lifeguard. Even as they break up for the last time, Winnie is still crying, while standing in the rain. "I don't want it to end," she says. The worst part: the entire series is narrated by an older version of Kevin himself. So older Kevin must have known the whole time that he and Winnie would never work out, but still told the story anyway. So sad. (Ella: OMG, I loved this show when I was a kid! Kevin was so hot-and still is!-if anyone knows where I can find this series on DVD, please, please, PLEASE let me know! :D)

*Wistful Sigh* So sad. So there you have it folks, my picks for our Anti Valentines Day Blogfest! Now, what are yours? The blogfest continues till February 16, so add your name to the list and join in on the fun! :D


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