Friday, March 19, 2010

Author Appreciation Week Continued!

As you can see, I totally slacked off with posting a new author whom I appreciate everyday this week, so instead I'll list all the rest of them now!

Other authors I appreciate:

Maggie Stiefvater: Maggie rocks, I bought her book, Shiver, awhile ago on Kindle, but didn't read very far when I first got it. A few days ago I decided to give it a chance and continued reading...And boy oh boy was I blown away! Grace is one tough chick and not afraid to voice her feelings about things she loves and Sam...Whoa, Sam is soooo swooney, he's the kind of perfwect boyfriend girls can only dream about! Not only that, but I love the way Maggie has split the story into Grace's and Sam's POVs, and the writing is so lyrical and descriptive, I'm still in the middle of reading the book, but I'm hooked! :)

Malinda Lo: Same goes with her book, Ash, bought it awhile ago and didn't get very far...until tonight. I decided to give this one another chance as well and man am I glad I did! Malinda paints Ash's world perfectly, where you feel nlike your there, feeling what she feels and seeing what she sees. And even though she faces multiple hardships (being an orphan and working as a maid for her stepmother) and is sad and down a lot of the time, there is still a ray of hope shining through and that's what's keepinbg me reading, in order to find out if Ash really will get her happy ending or not, that and waiting to see when the next time is that she'll bump into the king's kick ass huntress :)

Stacey Jay: Ah, make me giggle. I discovered Stacey and her awesome books in '08, and they make my day. Stacey's first book, Your So Undead to Me about a teenage Zombie Settler, was so hilarious and unexpected, it had me laughing outloud at practically every page! And the romance between her and a fellow zombie setteler? So hawt :P

Carrie Ryan: Another zombie writer! Her book though, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, isn't so funny, it's very sad and creepy and her zombies are as scary as Hell! And also, (as always) the forbidden romance between the main character Mary and the younger brother of the guy whose courting her, soooo unbelievelbly hot and romantic! (I suppose you can see a trend with my reading habits by now? Through in some paranormal creatures and some romance and I'm so in! :D)

And last but not least, Jackson Pearce: Now Jackson, wow, what can I say about Jackson? She's awesome in so many differnent ways! Not only is she only 26 and has the cutest dog ever, but she writes kick ass fairy tale retellings that I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on! In other words, she makes me want to be a better writer. Her writing is so descriptive, it sucks you right in, plus she also writes her books using two POVs, writes about kick ass heroines, werewolves and, you guessed, LOVE! :D (FIY, her first fairytale retelling, Sisters Red, will be released in only 80 days, lol! CANNOT wait!! :D <3)

So thank you Nick, Maggie, Malinda, Stacy, Carrie and Jackson, you and your books make my world just a little bit brighter and I can't wait to join you in the wonderful world of YA authors! :D


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Lisa and Laura said...

GREAT picks! Can't wait till we're seeing your name listed as someone's favorite author! Only a matter of time.