Thursday, March 4, 2010

Devour...Has a COVER!!! :)

That's right, my dear readers, you read that right, my WIP entitled Devour, a modern-day retelling of Hansel and Gretel, has a COVER!!! And it's all thanks to my awesome critique partner and friend Bethany Mattingly, who runs the blog Aspirations (Check it out! :)) and who kindly agreed to create Devour's cover, and boy did she deliver! Behold the total awesomeness:

See, what did I tell you? Isn't absolutely GORGEOUS?? I'm over the moon and I just can't stop staring at it! It's so bright and the colors compliment each other really well and it all just jumps right out at you, saying BAM, look at me! I love, love, LOOOVE it! (plus it kinda makes me wanna eat candy cuz of all the bright colors, lol!) I've been a total spaz ever since I first saw it and it's got me fired up, full of new ideas and excited to work on Devour again! Now my words are going to have to live up to that fabulous cover! Now I'll do my absolute best to write the best damn book I possibly can, I promise!

So thank you Bethany, thank you sooo so much, your so talented and seeing this cover made my day!!! :D <3


P.S. I actually teared up a little when I first saw the cover, I love it THAT much! :D

P.P.S. Do any of you have covers for your WIPs? Did you make them yourselves? Did you have a friend do it? What did you do with your cover once you had it? Did you print it out? Frame it? (which is what I'm considering doing, actually! :)) If you have a cover, leave a link to it in the comments so that I can come check it out and "ooooh!" and "ahhhh!" over its awesomeness! :)


Kristi Faith said...

That is very cool! Talented friend you've got there. :0)

Melissa said...

That's a really great cover! I would pick that up and want to read it for sure :)

Medeia Sharif said...

I like the angle of the girl; makes it very mysterious.

Hayley said...

That is a great cover! Bethany did such a great job, I'm ubber jealous of it's awesomeness! I love the lighting, and the angle, and EVRYTHING about it! You better finish it, not just to live up to the FANTASTIC cover but because I really want to read more...