Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday 5

1. Yesterday I was reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and I realized something: I have a strong dislike for the MC, Samantha. Which surprised me, since I've never really disliked an MC before, but Sam...Sam (and her friends) are all so bitchy! And at one point, how they treated another character actually made me tear up and start to feel angry. No offense to Lauren though, your awesome! I've heard wonderful things about this book, so obviously I'm going to give it a chance, it might just take me a little while to warm up to Sam and her posse, hopefully they redeem themselves soon!

2. Great news! A few weeks ago I applied for a thousand dollar scholarship and yesterday I found out I one of the five people who got it! And another awesome thing? I was invited to come to a fundraiser the founder of the scholarship is holding in October, all travel expenses paid! So, I'm pretty stoked! :D

3. Last night I had this awesome dream where I was in this big room with all of my friends, family and even some of my teachers from elementary school and random people were yelling, "happy 22nd birthday!" and one of my teachers gave a speech that made me break down and sob! So after I woke up from the dream and wondered, can your dreams reveal the future? It also occurred to me that my 22nd birthday wouldn't be important enough for all those people to come and give speeches, so it had to mean one of four things. It happened to my birthday, but it might have also been a celebration for: a) me graduating from college (not going to happen for a few more years), b) me getting married (NOT!), c) me being pregnant (DOUBLE NOT!) d) OR it could have been a celebration for one of my other biggest dreams...Becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!! Now of course I know that all of those options (especially the last one) are pretty far off and take a long time to accomplish, but a girl can dream (literally), can't she? :D <3

4. A few days ago I finished reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick for the second time and may I just say, Becca is a total genius!!! I loved Hush, Hush even more the second time around and Patch...Oh, Patch...HOW I WANT YOU TO BE REAL!!!!!! So, let's just say, after reading that, I'm DYING to read the sequel!!! :D <3

5. R.I.P. Gary Coleman. :(


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Charmaine Clancy said...

I hope the 'Before I Fall' characters redeem themselves too - it's on my shelf to read! Great post :-)