Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Top 4 Fears About Writing (and How to Conquer them), Write A Lot Wednesday

So a few weeks ago my fellow Blogger Girl/critique partner Aaron sent me this great care package full of stuff to help reboot my dwindling inspiration and quell my ever-mounting fears, such as as multi-colored Post Its, a pink gel pen a bunch of folders for organization and inspiration, a notebook to write down all my SNIs and a notebook to write down all my fears. Now, a didn't think too muxh about the Fear Notebook at first, thinking that I would only write in it when I was feeling desperate or particularly vulnerable, until yesterday when I decided that it wouldn't hurt to at least list some of the fears that seem to make a reappearance the most and threaten to derail my writing. But then I realize that it wouldn't really work if all I did was list my fears, then they'd just sit there like they did in my head, taunting me, making me, well, afraid. So in addition to listing my fears I also decided to least any possible solutions I had for conquering them as well. This is what I came up with:

My Top 4 Fears About Writing (and How to Conquer Them)

1. I'll never reach "The End" in a rough draft.
Possible solution: Write an outline (but don't plan out everything that happens, keep things fun and surprising!)

2. I'll never learn how to properly "manage" my time management.
Possible solution: Make writing a part of my weekly schedule (example: Write A Lot Wednesday, more to come on that later)

3. I'll run out of good ideas.
Possible solution: Make an idea/inspiration board.

4. I'll lose motivations to write in general/work on the same story for a long period of time.
Possible solution: Come up with a mantra and put where I can see it in more then one place so I'll always be reminded of what it is I'm trying to achieve.

So those are what I came up with (I'm shocked I only came up with 4, I thought once I really addressed them by writing them down that my list fears would be a mile long!) but I'm still unsure about what the best solutions for conquering each fear would be, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Back to what I mentioned earlier, Write A Lot Wednesday is something I came up with a couple days ago and the idea is that every Wednesday from now until the end of May (if this idea is successful I may continue with it into June and beyond) I'll set a timer and write as much as I can for 30 minutes, and then at the end of the time, write a blog post updating you on my word count for that day, how many words/chapters I have total, etc. That way I won't feel so isolated and I'll be able to share my progress with you wonderful readers! :)
However, I bet your wondering, "what is she going to write about for 30 minutes once a week?" Well, I won't say too much right now except I'll be working on a little thing I like to call The Little Novel That Could (you know, like The Little Engine That Could? Cute, huh? :P) On the days I'm not working on that, I'll busy critiquing things for my wonderful critique group and working on a collaborative project with Aaron! (Jeez, school just ended and already I've got another packed schedule, lol! :P)

I know, it's official, I've lost my mind! :)