Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 5

1. I'm super bummed, since I didn't get to go see the Premiere of Eclipse on the 30th due to a lack of transportation and my parents work schedules. But so far I've heard amazing things about it and hopefully I'll get to see it in a few weeks to see for myself! :D

2. OMG, have you seen the teaser trailer for The Dark Divine by Bree Despain?? I adore it, I've watched it like 10 times!!! The actors they chose to play Grace and Daniel(who, as a matter of fact, are the inspiration for my new WIP, On the Edge!) are both just gorgeous and I love their chemistry together! My only complaint is that I wish the video was longer then 31 seconds!

3. One of the pieces that I wrote for my creative writing fiction class was compared to a Pink Floyd song by my teacher!! :D

4. Registration for WriteOnCon, the free, online writers conference, opened on July 1st, so go sign up, now! I did! :D

5. Dude, what the freak? I cannot believe it's already July! Boo! *scowls*

Happy Friday, lol! :)

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