Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday 5

1. It's official: I'm obsessed...With Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick! I love it sooo much, I'm even contemplating of reading it for a THIRD time! :D If you haven't read it (shame on you! :P) go do so now-you won't be disappointed! (And I'm sooo stoked for the sequel!!!) :D <3

2. As for my new WIP (that I have yet to start) we are in a constant battle with one another. One minute, we're getting along perfectly and I can't wait to get started writing, I'm so excited I might burst and the next minute...DOOM. The crippling voice of doubt sneaks in and then I feel too discouraged and scared to even THINK about starting. But I WILL get through it! In the words of Lisa and Laura Rocker, "Never say die!" *battle cry*

3. Today for my Creative Writing: Fiction class I read a piece by Ron Carlson called Ron Carlson Writes a Story. It was really inspiring and Ron touched on a lot of the same issues that I'm dealing with in my own writing, like how long to let a story idea stew before you start writing it and the importance of staying put during your writing time and not being lured away by distractions like the time suck that is T.V. (Which I have a horrible habit of doing, unfortunately :P)! Anywho, read it! It really encouraged me to not give up hope and that even though I sometimes feel like I'm the only one that goes though these and other writing challenges, I'm not alone in this! :D

4. Who else is as excited as I am to see the movie Charlie St. Cloud with Zac Efron?? :D (Yay, Zac! A serious role, finally!-not that his other movies weren't good, 'cause they are, I'm just really excited to see this new side of Zac's acting abilities !!:P)

5. Great news: We're only ONE away from reaching 100 followers! THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH FOR READING, WE COULDN'TVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!! :D <3



Linda Glaz said...

Hey out there, somebody give the girl a break and sign on to follow...

The Blogger Girlz said...

Haha, awww, your so sweet, Linda! Thanks for the kick in the pants to the blogosphere! Hopefully someone will come through and respond to your call for blog followers! :D


Medeia Sharif said...

I loved Hush, Hush. I don't know if and when I'll read it again, though.