Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday 5

1. Man, guys, we gotta stop meeting like this! Lately I've pretty much only been posting on Fridays for Friday 5 and it's lame, and also a little embarrassing, because I'm not doing it on purpose, it's just that I've kind of run out of interesting things to blog about during the week! So now I wanna know: are there any topics that you, dear readers, would want us to blog about?? Let us know in the comments! We would really appreciate it! :D

2. WHOO HOO! A few days ago we finally reached 100 followers! Thanks to Theresa, our newest and 100th follower, for making it happen! We really appreciate it! :D

3. Something really freaky happened earlier tonight (Friday): My Dad got a call from one of his friends that another one of his friends, his best friend in high school, had gone missing and it had been reported on the news just minutes before. The news report said a man, matching my Dad's best friend's description, had fallen into the river while on a fishing trip, gone under and had not been seen coming back up and apparently this had all happened on Wednesday! Well, of course, as soon as my Dad heard the news, him and my Mom immediately went to work calling all of their friends (including my Dad's best friend himself, who didn't answer) to see if they had heard from him or heard anymore details about what had happened and a little while after that, we got a call that turned out to be from my Dad's best friend himself! He called to tell us that he was fine and that he wasn't the one who had gone missing. Instead, a man that matched his description perfectly is the one that had gone missing, the only difference was that the real missing man had a slightly different last name then my Dad's best friend, but they sounded so similar in the news report that everyone thought my Dad's best friend was the one that had gone missing! So when we got that phone call from him telling us he was all right, you can bet we were all relieved! Crisis averted, thank God!!! :D <3

4. Gretchen McNeil's book, Banish, is going to be published in Winter 2011!!!! YAY!! Congrats, Gretchen!! I SO cannot WAIT to read this book!! :D

5. Classic Rock makes everything better!! :D


P.S. I really do hope they find the real missing man soon, his family and friends must be devastated. :(


Linda Glaz said...

Congrats on making one hundred!!! I'm still slogging away, maybe suspense isn't quite as exciting. But if you want to come over and visit, feel free, we discuss murder, mayhem, and sometimes things even more sinister. I always enjoy another body, er, individual dropping dead. I mean, dropping by. Sheesh, this writing stuff is harder than I thought. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. Your devoted stalker, hehehehe.

Gretchen said...

Thanks ladies!!!!