Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ink Slingers

I am proud to announce the arrival of a brand new baby blog.

The Ink Slingers, the critique group that Ella and I belong to, has just created a group blog, The Ink Slingers (yes the similarity in titles was intentional and not brought on by a lack of creativity). Since there are five of us, we will each be posting on a different weekday. Our topics will range from books we've read to books we're writing to crazy off the wall rants.

Anyway, please stop by and check it out. Baby gifts are not necessary, but all comments are welcome. Here is the link: http://inkslingergirls.blogspot.com/

- Aaron


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Is the link available yet?

The Blogger Girlz said...

Hi Lisa!

Thank you very much for reminding us to post the link! I just edited this blog post to include it. I hope you'll stop by the new blog for a visit! :)