Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JuNoWriMo Day 6: Update


Did I meet my daily goal:
How it went:
My biggest obstacle of the day:
My favorite sentence:

Did I meet my daily goal: No, 391 words, but I've consistently gone over my word count on every other day so I'm just going to chalk it up to an off day and start with a clean slate tomorrow.
How it went: Like I said it was an off day. I'm taking a five week math class this summer, and I had a test today. I don't know what happened. I'm normally pretty good at math, but I couldn't understand any of the questions and I only had time to do three of the four questions. Best case scenario I got a 75%, and worst case scenario I did a heck of a lot worse than that. Still I have a 68% average so far and one test and a final left to go. I can still pull it up, but either way tanking my writing is definitely not the way to deal with blanking on a test.
My biggest obstacle of the day: Spending the whole day moping about my math test. I had issues, big deal. It's over. It happened. All I can do is study harder for the next test. Letting it get inside my head isn't going to help anything. If anything forcing myself to write for a couple hours probably would have helped me. WOW, I wish I'd thought of that ten hours ago.
My favorite sentence: Skin pressed against skin and the combined heat of a hundred bodies pushed back at the cold.

~ Ella and Aaron

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