Monday, June 6, 2011

JuNoWriMo Day 5: Update


Did I meet my daily goal:
How it went:
My biggest obstacle of the day:
My favorite sentence:

Did I meet my daily goal: Yep, 1134 words.
How it went: Pretty good, I'm back on track in terms of actually working on my WIP as opposed to my homework, but I lost part of my word count since counting the homework for my Creative Writing class felt like cheating. If it were a paper for any other class I wouldn't count it, so this shouldn't be any different.
My biggest obstacle of the day: There was this one crucial scene that I just couldn't seem to get right. I have tons of ideas on how to write it, but I'm pretty sure that a reader wouldn't be able to follow any of them. So I'm trying to reach a compromise between what the reader need and what I want.
My favorite sentence: "It made sense that the man who opened the door would own a shop called the Mad Hatter." Unfortunately I may have to cut it as part of the whole compromise thing I mentioned.

~ Ella and Aaron


E.C. Smith said...

Man, I hear you on the struggling to get the scene "right". I'm in the middle of one of those right now. I keep going back and changing it!

Big wave from a fellow JuNoWriMo writer!

The Blogger Girlz said...

Yeah, I know there's technically no right way to do it, but it sure as heck feels like it at the moment.

- Aaron