Saturday, September 15, 2012

A BIG Thank You

It's a month into school here in Alaska, but thanks to you the kids of Susan B. English K-12 are still exploring one of the summer's biggest gifts: their new library.

With your help, we raised almost $2000 for their library and collected at least fifty pristine books. For the first time in a decade these kids have a real library right down the hall from their classrooms, something they never expected.

From what I've been told, on the first day of school several of the teachers put library visits into their lesson plans, but they didn't tell the kids what had happened over the summer. The kids moaned and groaned because the school library never had anything good and the same books had been their since they were in kindergarten.

Then they walked through the door, saw this, and... didn't have a whole lot to say afterward since they were too busy checking out all the new books.

 Now, a month has passed and with it our worst fears: the kids would get bored or the library wouldn't be able to keep up with them. Even with no budget and only superficial support from the administration the kids are still fascinated, falling in love with the library all over again every time they step through the door.

But, even after only a month some clear favorites have already emerged, as shown by this lovely compilation sent in by the kids.

So, here's to the kids of Susan B. English, their library, and you for making it happen.


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