Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lying Witch

On December 19th I did a post on how hard it is for me to write about love since I don’t believe in it, and in the title box I wrote L-O-V-E Spells Hypocrite. A title I thought was quite inventive and that I was fairly proud of.

It wasn’t a particularly good post (I blame it on the weird font and the fact I was pissed when I wrote it), but it actually got three comments. Except, they were all complimenting me on the love spell I’d just posted. And yes, I mean spell as in broomsticks, marching mops, and Samantha twitching her nose

Apparently L-O-V-E isn’t the only thing that spells hypocrite.

If you’re going to comment on something I write without reading it at least have the decency to make sure you’re talking about the right thing.

I don’t care if you lie. I just want you to do it right.


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