Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shiny New Toy

Yesterday, when I checked my mail this unexpected little gem was waiting for me. Although, I vaguely remember looking it over, but how it ended up at my house is beyond me. Wrong click? Maybe it followed me home? The book stork brought it?

My first thought was to send it back, but then I opened it and now, I don't care how it got here it is AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

75 emotions compete with two pages of physical sysmptoms, internal sensations, mental responses, the long-term reaction, what it may become, and bleed over when it's being suppressed. There's the standards like anger, disgust, fear, and love, but there's also ones I never thought of using like envy, remorse, wariness, and paranoia.

I've never had a problem seeing my characters. It's getting others to see them how I do that's the problem.  Then I started reading over the symptoms of paranoia, and it clicked! That's how I see my Soldiers. It just never occurred to me to write those little details down. Heck, I couldn't even find a way to convert the little things I saw in my mind's eye into words. But now I can. And it's just like wow, that's so much better.


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