Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ask a Stupid Question...

There are some questions that shouldn’t be asked. For example, “where do babies come from?” No one really wants to know, even the people who have babies don’t want to think about that one.

But at least on those there's a little wiggle room unlike on the “praise me” questions. The questions where you know exactly what the answer is the minute they ask the questions, so answering is basically a formality since they already know what the answer is. “Do I look good in this?” “What do you think of my new hair cut?”

And my new personal favorite “Hey sexy, do you like the new computer?”

My school got all new (Dell) computers, which were installed by four teenage boys disguised as men. Typically, when someone asks a question like this the answer is the one they’re expecting because most people are generally nice like that. Even I’m generally like this. However, when all day they decided hitting on me was a good idea I tend to make an exception.

So when the tan, built young man came into my space, opened his mouth, and let the words “Hey sexy, do you like the new computer” come tumbling out I stopped being most people.

Built Guy (smiling): “Hey sexy, do you like the new computer?”
Me (dead pan): “I’m supposed to say yes, right? Because it’s polite? Well, I’m not polite, so no.”
Built Guy (smile freezing): “No?”
Me (Still dead pan): “No.”
Built Guy (Smile melting, puzzled): “What’s wrong with it?”
Me (Apprising the computer before looking back at him): “Nothing, I just don’t like it. Not sure why.”

Honestly, could there be a more perfect set up? No, absolutely not.

- Aaron


1000th.monkey said...


you are my hero :) I wish I could have personally seen the expression on his face :D

The Blogger Girlz said...

It was pretty priceless. His face slowly went slack, and then he just stared at me open mouthed, like a goldfish. -Aaron