Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Banning Black

Everywhere I look people are wearing black. The bikers speeding past my car, my best friend's mom, movie stars, me, even my MC (Shaylee) has a thing for black because it's a glamorous color. It's the color of little dresses that make men loose their minds, jackets that turn nerds into cool people, and power suits like the ones Alyssa Milano wears in Mistresses.

Plus it goes with everything, and who doesn't like that?

However, in the last two weeks I've had three people and a book tell me "so and so is trying not to wear as much black." Well, two people actually because the third person was me, and I can't exactly fill myself in on myself. And the book didn't actually say "so and so..." it said "winters are the only people who can successfully wear black."

And that little statement is what set me off. "The only people who can successfully wear black." How can you unsuccessfully wear black? Everyone wears it. It's like the fool proof color, but it turns out I'm more of the fool because when I tried a comparison between how I looked wearing a black jacket and an aqua jacket I realized that in the black jacket my I looked paler and my features were razor sharp. To put it honestly, I looked like I should be getting slipped money for whacking someone.

So, using the book I mentioned before Color Me Beautiful (which if you know me in person then you're sick of the title already) I started trying to figure out which colors I should be wearing and came up something along these lines.

And from that I've started trying to find alternatives to wearing black and coming to grips with the fact that there are other colors that actually look good on me and fit with my personal style as opposed to black, which I wear because it makes me feel fierce enough to deal with my crappy home situation.

Now, the bigger problem to tackle, my MC's who always seem to be wearing black 24/7 regardless of what they look like. I always told myself "they're bad ass girls and black is a bad ass color," but as an experiment I'm going to see what happens when I apply the same color science to Shaylee that I did to myself.

- Aaron


1000th.monkey said...

That sounds pretty cool :)

I do wear some black, but grey & green are the two colours I automatically go for when I'm shopping, and I have to continually scold myself, "no more green or grey!!!"

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Have you ever tried I love the beauty profiling they teach you on that site! It's about so much more than color.