Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

So, I just finished reading Sisters Red a few minutes ago (literally) and all I can think to say is...WOW, just wow! It was amazing! I loved all the action and adventure but I especially loved the moments with Rosie and Silas...*SWOON* The fight scenes were, dare I say, bad ass, and the werewolves were pretty darn scary! I loved the contrast between the rough, dark city of Atlanta and the quiet, slow-paced country lifestyle of Ellison, just brilliant (it makes me want to move to Ellison now :))! I loved the sisters fierce devotion to one another and their vastly different personalities.

I identified with both of the sisters for different reasons: Scarlett is driven to hunt, obsessed by it, it's her one and only passion in life and I feel the exact same way...about writing. On the flip side, Rosie yearns for a life outside of hunting, she longs for a life of normalcy, to travel to fall in love, to start a family, and I, like her, wish for the same things. I've come to realize though, from reading this book, that you can have the best of both worlds: room for your passion and room to fulfill other dreams, you just have to know how to balance the two.

Since I started reading her blog over two years ago and read and loved her first book, As You Wish, I've known for a while now that Jackson is awesome, but after reading her second book...I hope to write half as well as she does! Reading this book has made me want to be a better writer, to touch peoples lives with my work and strive to write the best damn book I possibly can. So thank you, Jackson, thank you for writing such an amazing book and for being an equally amazing person, your my idol. :) Now, who wants a "Team Silas" t-shirt?? :D <3


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