Monday, June 28, 2010

WANTED: Awesome Ideas!

So, as you know, soon, I'll be ready to start a brand spanking new WIP and I'm super excited! Unfortunately, I've hit a roadblock. So far, all I've got is the main character. Her name is Ayla (pronounced Ale-a), she's sixteen, and might live in a small, coastal town. Now the question is, I've got this character, but what do I DO with her?? That's where you guys come in! If it helps, I want the story to be:

-Sleep-with-the-light-on-hide-under-the-covers scary!
-Possibly paranormal

So, using that information, throw me some ideas, anything you can come up with! They would be much appreciated! :)


1 comment:

Linda Glaz said...

Ayla lends itself to sleep under the covers scary. Everyone knows the covers protect you. hehehe