Monday, June 10, 2013

When I Become A Published (and Hopefully Famous) Author...

Last night, while Aaron and I were talking on the phone, somehow we got onto the topic of things we'd do once we become published (and hopefully famous) authors and thought it'd be fun to share our sometimes-realistic-but-also-sometimes-purely-fantasy, lists with you guys!  So, on that note, when I become a published/famous author I plan to...

1. Take a late-night trip to the closest Barnes and Nobel with a car-load of all my friends and family to stalk the shelves and try and find a copy of my debut YA novel out in the wild (and possibly capture the experience on camera/video).

2. Organize a girls-only author slumber party, complete with cozy pajamas, fuzzy slippers, plenty of junk food, pranks, a scary story/movie marathon, and, of course, girl talk.  Fun times! :)

3. Autograph copies of my book using a brightly colored, sparkly gel pen (possibly pink or purple) a kick-ass, totally classy/elegant-looking signature.

4. Let Oprah/Katie/Ellen pick a fight over who gets to have me as a special guest on their show first.  (Ooo, Idea! I have two words for you: Group. Interview. :))

5. Write a book with another published author, like: J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Kimberly Derting, Victoria Scott, Nova Ren Suma, Kami Garcia, I could go on and on!

6. Buy a vacation home for my family in Mexico and a beautiful fixer-upper for myself, preferably a farmhouse or a Victorian (or maybe even a combo. of the two) like this one!*le sigh*


So now that I've shown you some of my list, tell me: what would be on yours? :)

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